About Us - Nourishing Women
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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to bring healing, transformation & wisdom to women to create the space for them to give Birth to a NEW CREATION in all aspects of their being.  Through BREATH, CONSCIOUSNESS & EMBODIMENT we offer healing of pain and suffering in their bodies and awaken them to a greater reality of living their dream… in alignment with their Sacred Nature.

Where Medicine Meets Spirituality

Nourishing Women is consciously bridging the gap of Medicine and Spirituality, by the Quantum Science’s acknowledgement that our physical bodies are just a reflection of our energetic bodies, and thus Consciousness needs to be part of the equation when healing is concerned.  Our relationship with ourselves in the subtle fields of emotions, thoughts and beliefs determines what happens in our physical biology and matter, even to the degree of being able to turn on certain genes (epigenetics).  For women… the repressive collective consciousness that we have been living in for the last 2000 years…. has affected our Female biology; our hormones, endocrine system, reproductive system-contributing to our disease and disorders in our Female biology!  Healing our physical system involves dissolving the effects of our collective, cultural and personal conditioning, whether its conscious or unconscious and realigning ourselves with the creative impulse of the Feminine Essence.

Embodying the Conscious Feminine

What is the Conscious Feminine? The Conscious Feminine is a term I have coined to express the process of creating consciousness (awareness) of the  Feminine essence within.   Both men and women carry the Feminine and Masculine essence within, the yin and yang, its two aspects of the Oneness… each with its particular qualities.  The feminine qualities have been repressed & rejected in our societies, subtly and not so subtly, for the last 2000+ years,  in both men and women.  Because women’s biology is related to our feminine energy and to our identification with it…  we have in many ways rejected ourselves.  Therefore, becoming Conscious of the Feminine– the subtle non material realms, our sensitivities, gentleness, caring, compassion, and intuition,  is part of restoring our health as Women.

As women, healing our Feminine bodies comes through full embodiment of the Conscious Feminine, which we have been disconnected from.  From this Conscious Feminine essence, we are able to allow full expression of life’s creative impulse move through us and give birth to many expressions in our lives.  One expression is creating harmony & health in our physical body, another may be becoming fertile and conceiving either a child or a new change in our lives.  Thru personalized in-house & online body-centered coaching programs and transformation workshops, we are able to restore our Female Biology and bring healing to women on all levels.