Dr.Murciano’s 7 Keys to Conscious Feminine Body Blueprint Activation - Nourishing Women
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Dr.Murciano’s 7 Keys to Conscious Feminine Body Blueprint Activation


Dr.Murciano’s ‘7 keys to ConsciousFeminine Body Blueprint Activation’ is an activation process that allows you transform the physical and emotional suffering in your body… while activating healing to take place. This E-book allows you to root your body in your primordial essence, while transforming the old conditioning limitations of dysfunction and disorders that have created your pain and suffering. Regardless of whether you want to create health, conceive a child, transform a physical, emotional or mental imbalance in your body; this activation gives you the tools and awareness to do so in two ways; first it allows you to root your being in the blueprint of your life force, and secondly it activates an alchemical transformation of healing for imbalances in your body. Inherent in this activation process are the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine™founded by Dr. Murciano, encompassing transformational healing, consciousness & self realization as the underpinnings, while it facilitates the process of healing and co-creating your greatest potential in your body.

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