Programs - Nourishing Women
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“Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.” -Eckhart Tolle
Feminine Healing Coaching

Conscious Feminine Medicine

1 month and 3 month Immersion

Reproductive Bio Chemistry

Reproductive Bio-Chemistry Profile offers you a way to discover what is really happening with your hormones during a complete 30 days, in order to uncover the mystery of your Infertility or reproductive disorder.  Profile is done through an expansive 30 day Saliva test which measures Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH and LH cycles.

Fertility IVF Online “Birthing Love”

The FERTILITY ON-LINE IVF program is an audio and ebook companion designed to reduce stress, obsessive thinking and worrying and increase your conception ratio.  It is based on Quantum medicine and Traditional wisdom practices designed to support your body and mind, while going through your IVF protocol.