Reproductive Bio Chemistry Program - Nourishing Women
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Reproductive Bio Chemistry Program

What’s keeping you from Conceiving?

Have you come to a dead end with your western protocols of IVF and IUI’s? Are you looking for answers to the mystery of your failed IVFs or your Unexplained Infertility?   Now, there is a way to uncover the mystery of what your reproductive bio-chemistry is doing during the month and why you are not conceiving.

Through Reproductive Bio-Chemistry Saliva Testing Profile we are able to take a inside look at your hormones and how they are interacting with each other during a 30 day cycle in order to discover where there is a disconnect or imbalance and what needs to be corrected.  Followed by our detailed consultation, and protomorphogen supplementation with specific nutritional and glandular support for your body, many women that were considered Infertile have had successful pregnancies.  Whether you are approaching your 40’s, have had failed IVFs or just haven’t been able to get pregnant on your own… this program is now available to help you save time and money, shed light on the hormonal interactions and help you conceive.

Our Reproductive Endocrine programs have helped many women discover why they are not getting pregnant.  Programs include testing, nutritional biochemistry counseling and transformation healing work. See below.

Reproductive Bio-Chemistry Program 

  • Initial Nutritional Bio-Chemistry consultation will discuss medical history, goals and treatment options and protocols.
  • Nutritional Counseling and recommendations.
  • Complete 30 day Reproductive Endocrine Hormone panel profile  is administered to be done at home.
  • Assessment Consultation with Dr. Murciano & our Endocrine specialist, uncovering hidden factors in the hormone saliva testing profile including: Detailed assessment of Saliva testing results, detailed assessment of blood work and personalized recommendation of nutrient supplement & glandular protocol for 90 days.
  • Initial Reproductive Nutritional supplements included in this package upto 5 products. All personalized supplements after testing and assessment will be purchased separately.