Ways to work with Dr. Leonor Murciano - Nourishing Women
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Ways to work with Dr. Leonor Murciano

Dr. Murciano is not just an Body/Mind/Soul doctor… she offers a depth of knowledge to awaken you to your true sacred reality. With Dr. Murciano you have the benefits of having a integrative doctor that can naturally treat the physical body while also bridging the soul level transformation in your being. This unparalleled combination of Quantum Integrative Medicine, Healership & Feminine Mystical  approach allows you to create the radical shifts in your health, heart & life that you have been yearning for. Here are several ways Dr. Murciano can work with you for life changing, transformational healing and the creation of a new reality in your life!


The Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing session and the Conscious Feminine SOUL Immersion listed BELOW are offered  in person at our Nourishing Women Center or LIVE ONLINE private sessions with Dr. Murciano, in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and or phone line to connect with Dr. Murciano for your session.  However, in person sessions are also available in our offices in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing

This is Dr. Murciano’s signature healing treatment created after 20 years of working with women in many capacities of healing.  Each treatment is customized individually which allows us to tap into the soul level to help dissolve the imprints and conditioning of our humanity and integrate the SACREDNESS of the FEMININE  UNITY that lives in every woman’s WOMB.

Within each treatment Dr. Murciano addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual roots of  the presenting disorder whether physical or emotional in nature… and through the use of the three principles of Consciousness, Spiritual Alchemy and Embodiment, the healing takes place.  This is a synthesis of using ancient healing traditions of Daoist, Vedic, Sufi principles which she has compiled into body of work of Conscious Feminine Medicine.   Acupuncture or ACU CORDS, Chinese Herbology, Supplementation and meditative practices are also included to assist the healing on all levels.

Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing is effective for every woman on the planet that has experienced any physical or emotional imbalances in their bodies related to who they are as a woman.  Women experiencing imbalances physically in reproductive health, hormonal, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, infertility, any other physical imbalance, or if you have any physical or emotional trauma ; sexual assault, miscarriages or terminations, shame, unworthiness, or powerlessness issues… then Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing can help you heal the deeper core pieces of these manifestations.




Conscious Feminine Soul Mentorship

Conscious Feminine SOUL Mentorship offers a 3 month healing immersion to help clear the deep soul conditioning that has been imprinted in women, causing much suffering on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.   The soul level immersion helps women that are challenged with physical and spiritual crisis to break through karmic soul patterns that have been operating on a collective and personal level.

Below are the programs allowing you to rewire the your physical body and give birth to the Essential Essence of your being.  Many imbalances, such as Infertility, Thyroid, Immune disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, etc… can be addressed at the core energetic soul level, as well as on the physical level for complete transformation.  We suggest you book a FREE 30 min. consult  with Dr. Murciano to discuss your physical and spiritual needs.

Each of our programs below include:

  • Self-care recommendations, cultivation practices recommendations, Chinese herbal formula prescription and supplementation recommendations/ ACU cords (a form of acupuncture via magnets that can be done on yourself).
  • Sessions are offered in office and LIVE ONLINE privately.

Women experiencing a Body/Mind/Spirit challenge that is ready to transform on all levels and GIVE BIRTH to a New CREATION in her being can benefit from the Conscious Feminine Somatic HEALING, Conscious Feminine SOUL Healing IMMERSION or our online group programs.   These sessions are designed to allow the process of uncovering and unwinding the correlations of the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual body that are contributing to dysfunction and unhappiness. In the past 20 years, Dr. Murciano has worked with patients challenged with reproductive issues, Infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, irregular cycles, hormonal imbalances, endocrine issues, thyroid dysfunctions, nervous system imbalances, depression, anxiety, adrenal burn out, trauma, auto-immune disorders and breast cancer survivors.

Conscious Feminine SOMATIC Healing individual session.
Conscious Feminine SOMATIC Healing individual session.

Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing individual session.

A 75 minute individual  Conscious Feminine Somatic Healing session that address the disconnection that women have endured from the SACRED ESSENCE of the FEMININE within and all the divine light consciousness that is inherent in their being and in their WOMB.  Book for your online or in person session. Book your Conscious Feminine Soma Presencing here and get started on your healing today.

Conscious Feminine SOUL Mentorship
Conscious Feminine SOUL Mentorship

Conscious Feminine SOUL Mentorship

A customized tailored 3 month mentorship program that consists of practices, cultivations and healing sessions with Dr. Murciano, addressing deeper concerning personal Feminine BODY, HEART & SOUL imbalances. Very helpful for those undergoing a spiritual or health crisis, or practitioners looking to deepen their own work with WOMEN on a deep womb/soul level.  Book a 30 min. FREE consult with Dr. Murciano to access your needs and see if this program is a good fit.

Conscious Feminine Soul Immersion
Conscious Feminine Soul Immersion

Conscious Feminine Soul Immersion

An individual retreat immersion offered in person or via online, only 4 times a year, where you spend 6 full hours with Dr. Murciano addressing a significant area of your body, heart or life.  This deep rich transformation time with Dr. Murciano will include healing sessions, cultivation practices and deep work on the soul level through the 13 pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine. Book a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Murciano in order to be considered for this PERSONAL IMMERSION RETREAT.

Please be aware that Dr. Murciano is only able to accommodate this personal retreat immersion for only a few women a year, and there may not be alot of availability.  Consideration for this program will be determined over our 30 minute FREE consult.

Fertility Options
Fertility Options

Fertility: Cultivate your Womb



Specific protocols are personally created for those searching to transform Infertility in their body.

Integrative Acupuncture & Services
Integrative Acupuncture & Services

Integrative Acupuncture for Women

Integrative Acupuncture is offered in house to patients at our center or in our affiliate Fertility offices. Integrative Acupuncture is usually done a weekly basis to manifest transformational healing in the body. Details here.

School of Conscious Feminine Medicine Programs