Secrets of the Feminine - Nourishing Women
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Secrets of the Feminine

Secrets of the Feminine

Secrets of the Feminine

Have you ever asked yourself what does it mean to be a Woman?… Most of us have not really pondered that question and yet we live under the unconscious limiting images and beliefs ingrained within us from our societal culture.  Unfortunately, in the last 2000 years women have been challenged severely in many ways, some obvious and others, thus unconsciously we carry many generations of pain, judgment & anger against ourselves. Most of these hidden judgments, as well as unrealistic expectations, create ongoing suffering which contributes to our physical and emotional disorders of physical pain, infertility, menstrual disorders, menopausal disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, panic, hopelessness, general disillusion, cancer and many more.  Our physical bodies are a reflection of what is happening on these deeper subtle aspects of our being.  In order to create health and wellbeing, both emotionally and physically, we must address these underlying conflicts.

Now is the time to shed some of these judgments and begin to honor the true essence of the Feminine within, not in a way that dishonors men, or the male energy, but in a way in that complements it, each valuable in their own right.  We heal as we step in to deal with our deepest pain about ourselves and what we have been led to believe about what our roles are as mothers, wives, professionals, etc.; what we deserve or don’t deserve, what mistakes we have made and what we haven’t forgiven ourselves for.

 Mystical Practices & Ancient Secrets

  Our sessions will allow us to explore the Secrets of the Feminine Essence through the use of Spiritual Teachings, Healing Meditations, Women’s group support and sharing,   Asian 5 element theory, Sufi mysticism, Breathwork, Chakras, Mantras and Middle Eastern mysticism.

Change our Inner World… Change our Outer Reality

Group Objectives  

  •  Learn the deeper meaning of the root of your physical, mental or emotional suffering, challenges or pain, as you explore how to listen to the body’s messages to resolve the suffering and start living in joy, beauty and love.
  •  Helpful for those suffering with physical pain, depression, panic, or women’s issues of menstrual, hormonal, fertility, menopause and just plain unhappiness.
  •  Heal lingering anger and resentment by delving into our darker shadow side of personality and bringing what is needed in our hearts and learning how to receive that.
  •  Explore teachings about forgiveness, shame and judgment and coming to terms with what your heart really needs.
  •  Clear deep disappointments that you have lived with until now.
  •  Explore how to live in joy and peace within yourselves and how to completely honor your own feminine, ending the cycle of shame and pain.
  •  Address the underlying anger, resentment and judgment most women feel about their own physical bodies and their own role of being a woman.

  Key Concepts

  •  We believe a new era is upon us and women are bringing forth the true balance of the definition of being nurturing, compassionate, living in peace and love; for ourselves and our world.  Before we are able to do that we have to find these qualities within ourselves and heal any places that are blocking that truth from its existence.
  •  We believe that women carry the sacred essence of manifesting spirit into matter, and thus there is a holiness at our very core of who we are.
  •   We believe that neglecting ourselves only causes pain and suffering, and yet we have not been taught how to be responsible for ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. By not doing so, we have accumulated tremendous amount of pain and suffering within our being.
  •  We believe that it is possible to live in health, wellbeing, peace and love.  Our bodies and our lives are reflections of a deeper dynamic that lives within ourselves.  When we are experiencing pain, either physically or otherwise, it is a call for attention, something to heal, in order for us to move from pain and suffering to love and peace.

“Woman is the radiance of God; she is not your beloved.  She is the Creator- you could say that she is not created.”  (Rumi) Explorations of the Divine Feminine in Sufism, and other mystical traditions…

“To know Woman is to know oneself, and Whoso knoweth his self, knoweth his Lord.” (Ibn Arabi)

“The process of giving birth to the spirit is the feminine principle.  That to which has been given rebirth, only the masculine principle can be born, for the feminine principle is the process itself.  Once birth is given to the spirit, this principle remains as Fatima, the Creative Feminine, the Daughter of the Prophet, in a state of potentiality within the spirit reborn.

“I am al-Rahman.  I created the womb and I derived its name from My name.  I will be connected to whoever stays connected to it, and I will be  cut off from whoever stays cut off from it.”  Hadith Qudsi

We see the Divine Feminine , as the Source of Life, being expressed first by the means that humans may understand the Divine Feminine, in other words, Wisdom, being a Feminine word, second by the two most holy names of Allah: al-Rahman and al Rahim which express in a universal way ( spanning cultures as varied as Egyptioan, Hittitie and Celtic that the Source of Life is the Divine Feminine.

The perfection of the human state, al- insan al kalil, means the perfection of both the masculine and feminine qualities together.

 Classes coming Soon…. 2012




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