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Awakening is happening through YOU.

Awakening is happening through YOU.

2018 is not just another year… it’s a powerful year….  we can all feel it in the air. There is chaos… there is fear… there is turbulence… and many of us are wondering how this is going to end?  It’s not the type of year where you can just say Happy New Year and return to business as usual.  No… I think the stakes are high… and we can feel the rumbling going on.  On one level, we are seeing things that we cannot even bear with our hearts… and on another level… it is forcing us to break through the veils of business as usual, and bring the real Essence to the table, so to speak.



This is the process of the world awakening… and we are the agents awakening it!


Yes, this is the world awakening… even though that is hard to believe.  Isn’t it supposed to be a good thing? Where is the love? Where is the wonderful things we have all imagined happening when we awaken, you may be thinking?


Yes, our world is awakening… but what we have to realize is that we are the ones awakening the world… we each have a role to play… big or little… conscious or unconscious… it is happening.  Therefore, we see all of us in this awakening process… the ones functioning from heart… and the ones not!


The outer changes of the world are a secondary process to the awakening in each of our hearts.  We each have to awaken personally first… to then be able to see the outer changes of what love, compassion, and the grace of the Feminine, coming into balance with the Masculine, can create in our governments, education and civil systems.  What we are currently seeing is much of those, that are not yet awakened to leading with the heart of the Feminine.


It is easy to feel our hearts cringe when we see what the present state of our world is. The state of political affairs in our country has hastened this feeling… bringing up deep rooted feelings of powerlessness as we are exposed to the incredulous actions of our present government, and yet in has also hastened the feeling that we have to do something and the sooner, the better.


I propose that these feelings that arise in our hearts of wanting to do something more… is truly the infusion of a new level of consciousness asking each one of us to elevate our own thinking… our own feelings… and our behaviors to encompass a greater level of LOVE and COMPASSION and create a new paradigm in our world.  This influx of greater LOVE consciousness awakening in our heart, is what we also refer to the Divine Feminine energy.


This is a process of awakening in our hearts…   


To the degree that we open our hearts, listen and follow, is to the degree that we awaken to greater and greater levels of Truth. This is a process of awakening that is currently happening within us… right in our hearts, asking us to follow the voice of our soul… which leads us to more congruency… more empathy…  more of that creative Feminine flow and to the evolution of the Feminine soul. This is how the new consciousness gives birth to something new on the planet, through each one of us.


The internal need that most of us are feeling to contribute to the betterment of our world is in many ways the opening of our Hearts over the incessant use of our isolated minds. This opening is witnessed by the deeper calling of our soul’s yearning for something more.  And it is by design, an effect of the urgent need for change now, there are never any mistakes.  Collectively, we are all feeling the urgency of the Feminine desperately desiring to come through… be seen… be heard… be acknowledged.


Personally, this rumbling we feel in our hearts is the energetic shifts of the Feminine qualities trying to even the playing field here on MOTHER GAIA. We cannot have order, structures and rules that are not founded upon the values on love, life and sacredness. This is about manifesting a world laced with the underpinnings of compassion… a world where we value life and other’s wellbeing more than money.  A world where we work together, rather than competing against each other and where we manifest from creative abundance, rather than from a mental state of scarcity.


For many of us that are awakening with MOTHER GAIA, we may be feeling this call in our heart as needing a personal change. You may not be identifying those feelings in your heart with the wave of awakening, but the truth is that this is exactly how we are awakening… through the Essence in our hearts.  This is the call of Feminine awakening within you… urging you to be led through your heart and to awaken to the vision that has been seeded in you. You are the one that carries that blueprint of Essence within… and has the ability to embody the greater vision that has been given to you… personally and for others.


Follow your heart… She is awakening within you.


For women, following the heart is not foreign to us… even though we may have left it behind long time ago as we have been faced with great levels of mass suffering around us.  But in reality, following our hearts is what is needed now… in order to give voice to the Compassion that is awaiting Her birth.  Change never begins from the outside, it begins from the inside out.  What we see on the outer is a reflection from the inner realms.  So, in daring to listen to our hearts and take the risks that are being asked of us each personally, is a critical step in the creation of something more.


What you chose from moment to moment matters more than you think, you are the change.


What is your heart yearning for? Even if you feel like the yearning is personal; more love, more creativity, more joy, it isn’t it’s for all.  You are one in the collective field, holding and expressing an aspect of Consciousness through your words, your actions, your being.  When you move in the direction that your heart is asking and dare to step into more love, more creativity, etc… you shift the collective energy towards those things. In reality, there is no personal use, whatever you do, think and feel, is how Consciousness is expressing through you at any given time… creating more of that flavor for all of us.



The awakening happens, in each one of us… one by one, and gradually we begin to see the flowering of a new paradigm… created from the collective as a whole. 


Know that the forces that are awakening us, regardless of what we call it, are based on the foundation of love. This is the radical shift that is so desperately needed in the world… and that we are all yearning to experience within our own lives. So, in short, wherever we can augment the experience of love, love for ourselves, love for our community, love for our brothers and sisters, and make decisions in the world that include the heart; then we are ultimately awakening the new frequencies of LOVE and generating the new paradigm of Light and Sacredness, one heart at a time.



Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna


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  • Rosa Real

    Thank you Leonor. Since the beginning of the year things have been happening to me, including new found strength to end a relationship that has been a blessing in my life but yet not at the level I need or know feel I deserve, I love this man but I have let go. It is know up to him and I’m ok with moving on. Same in my professional life. I will; start job search in the coming weeks. Praying that something better shows up. Thank you for being such a strong pillar for all of us!

    January 11, 2018 at 12:13 am