Conscious Feminine Red Tent Gatherings - Nourishing Women
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Conscious Feminine Red Tent Gatherings

Conscious Feminine Red Tent Gatherings

Conscious Feminine Red Tent

                “medicine for the evolution of the Feminine Soul”

The Red Tent movement started as a grass roots movement, named after the bestseller book “The Red Tent”.  It is a book that gave voice to Dinah, about the  imagined traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood, which were all happening in the Red Tent.

Thus, The Red Tent movement has been created and happening all over the world, allowing women to gather and be empowered, finding their own light, voice & support.

So, in alignment with my passion of unveiling  Women’s Mysteries and creating consciousness of the sacred Light we all carry… I have created a Conscious Feminine RED TENT for us to meet every Dark Moon.

The Conscious Feminine RED TENT is a place for …

  • Women to gather, bond and support each other.
  • Women to share their story… their highs and lows for the month.
  • Women to connect to the energies of the Dark Moon and release (transform) what is no longer needed and envision what we want to create in our lives.
  • Women to be heard, acknowledged and empowered by just being ourselves.
  • Women to have fun and enjoy their time without an agenda… to practice being, rather than doing.
  • A place to acknowledge the wisdom of the Feminine within each one of us… and how that plays out in our outer world.
  • A place to honor the Light that we each carry… and how we manifest that light in our lives through love, compassion, peace, joy and all the beautiful qualities in us!
  • A place to commune with our own sacredness & explore Women’s mysteries.
  • A place where we can share our passions & joys with others… through our offerings!

Every month on the Dark Moon… We are gathering the women in our community to join us, to share ourselves and our offerings.  Each woman can share an offering of their choice monthly… as we gather to empower ourselves and each other.

If there is an offering you would like to share with the group… please contact me directly at [email protected] or 954.450.4548.

It can be a meditation, a dance movement, belly dancing, lead a group foot massage/neck massage, lead special energy movement, tell a special story, buy henna for the group… so on and so forth.

NEXT EVENT:     May 30th, 2014 @ 7:30pm please rsvp @ [email protected]

Check our event page to follow us each month !

Leonor Nura Murciano

  PhD, IMD, Quantum Integrative Medicine

         Acupuncture Physician

         Spiritual Midwife

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