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What no one has told you about your Periods! Part 1

What no one has told you about your Periods! Part 1

It is a well known fact that once a month, most women experience an emotional shift loosely known as “that time of month”. This time seems to be accompanied by irritability, sensitivity, heightened emotions, a lot less tolerance, and unfortunately shame.  Most women have inherited cultural collective shame around this ‘once a month time’ or even their own “out of control feelings”.


 As a women myself, I was taught that my periods were never really to be talked about. There was always that subtle feeling about not showing or talking about pads, or tampons, or any other need one may have concerning this.  Thus, the feeling of shame or something secretive was associated with it. And even though I have changed my knowing around this and been fortunate enough to talk about it openly with my three girls, I still notice that the shame prevails, even in them, today. The subtle rolling of the eyes from them, if I mention the period around someone else, or even defensive remarks if I suggest to tell their dance teacher why they’ve missed class. This seems to be completely unacceptable to them and extremely embarrassing still. 


 The reason our emotional states do change once a month and why we become more sensitive with heightened emotions is not just a physiological hormonal one.  Sure our hormones fluctuate, but have you ever wondered about the wisdom in this? If you are like the rest of society, you probably just thought it was a dreaded burden that has to be tolerated in the feminine body.  In reality, these heightened levels of emotions and sensitivity are part of a deeper mystery that is designed to happen monthly while you are menstruating through a physiological/psychological shedding and purging.



 As the female body is shedding the uterine lining during her monthly cycle, her subtle energetic mental and emotional bodies are also undergoing a purification process and are open to the same purging process.  This is a cyclical time of month that our emotional, mental and supra mental (soul) bodies have a opportunity to purge what is no longer needed; the old paradigms and limiting conditioned beliefs we have outgrown during the past month.   As we have the opportunity to shed the lining, we can also shed the old hurts, pains and suffering so that we may move past them, perhaps see the wisdom in them. In other words the lessons we have learned.  Our periods are not a punishment, or a weakness within the feminine design of the body, it is actually a highly sophisticated process that is designed to physically and energetically discharge the intensity of emotional residue that we feel from ourselves and those around us. 


 It is important to know that during the time of women’s monthly menses, her body produces DMT; Dimethyltryptamine, a compound that produces an expanded state of awareness.  This DMT found in the menstrual blood, is an indication of the expanded consciousness that is inherent in the state of our menses every month.  Women’s bodies are designed to experience these expanded levels of awareness every month, during their cycle, enabling her to connect with the Divine and transform the old pain.  



Many cultures, post-matriarchal societies, have used hallucinogenic herbs to reach the same states that are produced in women’s bodies naturally.  Women release this hormone (DMT) from the pineal gland during her monthly menses, which allows this time of the menses to be sacred and powerful.   This is the time when she is closest to Source, unified consciousness or the Divine, whichever name you give it.  As her consciousness innately expands in this sacred time, she is able to deeply purify herself and her family, through her heart and receive divinely inspired messages from Source. Women carry this innately in our bodies, we are directly connected to the Divine Source and the ability to create and manifest life is inherently within us.  This Divine source exists within us as our Light.  And his Light is the answer to what we are all seeking.  Within this Light we carry the unconditional love, peace, security, joy, fulfillment and all the other Divine qualities.   This is our essential Truth, and connecting to our inner Light and outer Divine Light allows us to let go all our suffering and pain, and all our old wounds.  All our happiness is really within, waiting to be discovered !


Our monthly menses is a time of renewal and rebirth, a time to purge, release and let go. 

Without too much effort, emotions are easily at the surface and we can feel these states with ease.  There is a purpose for our sensitivities.  Our bodies are communicating exactly what is ready to be processed and transformed.  By listening and creating space to be with the emotions, your body will naturally purge and have room enough to create something new; whether it is a project we want to give birth to or conception itself.   It is a natural process of women, observed for thousands of years, which has been lost in our present culture.  It is the natural wisdom of our bodies (physical or energetic) of clearing out the old so that we can get to the Truth within, our natural state of being; Love, Peace, Joy, and all the others.


 So how can you learn to embrace this time and cope with the emotional upheaval?

 1.     The next time you are feeling the emotions rise during this time of month, remember what a gift it is to bable to have these old emotions rise within you to be cleared and healed.  Slow down, go inward, and listen to what your body and emotions are communicating? What are you feeling? What emotions are expressing through you? What is ready to be released? What old wounds are ready to go?

 2.     Slow down physically and do not exercise.  Give yourself “alone time” to nourish and be with yourself.  What nourishes you, a bath with aromatherapy and salt, a massage, a walk in nature, time by the beach.  Treat yourself like a child that needs attention, love and care.  Listen to the feelings, and express them by crying, journaling, dancing, moving, celebrating, etc… Be grateful for your body and your life. 

 3.     Lastly, as you release whatever is moving through you, remember this is your most powerful time of creation. Assist in this creation by visualizing or journaling a list of what you want to bring into your life for the next month, read the list and set the intention.  See this going out into the universe, so that the universe can then return it to you in material form.  Remember, you get to release and create your new intention every month, at this special time of your menses. 

 If you would like to experience a new reality of your True self and explore your healing possibilities either through private sessions, long-distance skype, workshops, classes or on line programs please contact me; Dr. Leonor N. Murciano at Contact@ NourishingWomen.com

August 8, 2014

©NourishingWomen/Dr. Leonor Murciano

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