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What No One Has Ever Told You about Your Periods: Part 2

What No One Has Ever Told You about Your Periods: Part 2


In “What No One Has Told You About Your Periods – Part 1,” I shared the deeper meanings of the purging and creating aspects of our menses.  Now I would like to tell you something that may shock you; it is not normal for you to have pain with your periods. Yes you read that correctly, having painful periods is not a normal phenomenon that you have to tolerate every month. 

In way too many cases, women are under the impression that it is normal to have pain, and the only way to get rid of the pain is to go on birth control. It is sad to see patients come into my office that tell me, “I was put on birth control when I was young so that I wouldn’t have any more pain with my periods.  Or “I was told that pain was normal and there was nothing I could do about it.”  It is frustrating that these same women ten years later are having difficulty with infertility and other reproductive menstrual complications.

Thousands of women are denied the truth about their menses. While birth control may seem appropriate in very extreme cases, it actually disrupts the delicate balance of the endocrine system, including your hormones, contributing to greater complications later on in your reproductive system. Things like irregular menses, ovulation disruptions, endometriosis, infertility and ovarian complications, etc. are common amongst these women. We don’t have to put women on birth control to regulate pain with their menses, it can be treated easily with Chinese medicine; Acupuncture, herbology, stress reduction practices and cultivation practices such as meditation, breathing techniques and awareness. 

 Pain with your periods is not normal!


Pain with your menses is a sign of stagnation, of blockage in the sexual chakra, lower abdomen, or in the reproductive system.  There are many reasons why women have this blockage.  Many young girls experience pain with their periods the first time, because they might be deficient nutritionally when it arrives. As the body adjusts they pain may go away.  Many other women experience pain with their periods throughout their life which is usually due to, not just physical causation, but also emotional, mental and energetic as well.  This is not to say that this pain isn’t real, it only means that the emotional and mental factors; what we feel and what our beliefs around our own feminine values are, end up affecting how our physical body functions.

Therefore, women that experience monthly pain with their menses, end up perpetuating the feeling of equating our menses as a burden and resenting our feminine attributes. Add to this the cultural pressure we feel to look a certain way, or to fit in to a certain size in order to be likeable, accepted and loved, and we have the perfect love/hate relationship with our bodies and ourselves.

Most women in our culture, whether personally or collectively, resent their menses, they feel that it is a limitation; they cannot do, wear or be like the “rest” of society.  Aside from being plagued with the pain or lethargy, women also feel the stigma of being slowed down or limited in some way during their monthly cycle.  And yes, your period does change the pace and forces you to slow down, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

What I have seen in my practice of 16 years is that women that disconnected from her own feminine attributes, or subtly rejecting their feminine body usually experience imbalances with their reproductive system; be it painful periods, irregular menses, infertility and other similar issues.  This makes sense; once we disown something, or try to push it away or reject it even unconsciously, it tends to get loud and try to get our attention.  And definitely experiencing monthly menstrual pain that leaves you feeling helpless is a great incentive to reject your own body.  So, what’s the antidote; what’s the medicine?

The medicine to restore my body and get back to normal !

Getting back to Normal; I suggest these few things so that you can start to rebalance and reestablish the integrity of your reproductive system and enjoy who you are in the female body. 

  1. Call a doctor of Chinese medicine; an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and try at least a 3-month treatment protocol.  This will help you begin to establish a normal pattern within your cycles of harmony with possibly no pain and more emotional ease. 
  2. Journal and reflect: How do you feel about your menses? How do you feel about being a woman? Are there parts of you that feel ashamed, or less valued in some way?  Do you feel burdened by your menses? What are your thoughts on your sensitivities, intuition, compassion and other feminine traits about yourself?
  3. Transform through Love: If there is any conflict to any of these questions within yourself, let yourself feel the feelings that these bring up, and then begin to be grateful and see the truth of the beauty that this divine body has given you.  Continue with opening up yourself and allowing the universal, unconditional love to flow into all your emotions and thoughts and into all the parts of your body.  Whatever you are feeling about your body, and your feminine body functions that may be negative can be transformed to see the sacredness, the beauty and deeper truth of the miracle that your body is.  Not to mention that our menses is the blood that creates life and maintains the chain of life in manifestation on this planet. It is a pretty important honor to have this and be in this body! Nourishing Women offers Conscious Feminine Healing Circle for Women as a mini-retreat where transformational work and healing is the focus.  These are offered monthly, if you happen to be in South Florida area.
  4. Meditation Audio: Listen to this short 10 minute Conscious Meditation ™ “Restoring your Menses & your Rhythm” in order to allow yourself to rewire your being to release the pain and old paradigm and allow a new reality of possibility to be set in.


If you would like to experience a new reality of your True self and explore your healing possibilities either through private sessions, long-distance skype, workshops, classes or on line programs please contact me; Dr. Leonor N. Murciano at [email protected]


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