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Evolution of the Feminine Soul: Secrets of the Feminine Cycle

Evolution of the Feminine Soul: Secrets of the Feminine Cycle

 Feminine Secrets of the Cycle

Women hold the secret to healing within themselves.   Healing of her complete body; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, is connected with the honoring and knowing the deeper truth of her own mystery.    Her physical body is a representation of the subtle bodies within; therefore any imbalance or disease state has a subtle component and can be addressed through healing of the heart.  Once a women becomes conscious of the sacredness of her body, she is able to restore harmony and health.  Whether she suffers from headaches, pain, menstrual discomforts, depression, anxiety, or other disorders such as infertility, etc., many of women’s physical imbalances stem from the separation of herself and her sacredness.

The mysteries of the sacredness of the feminine have been lost throughout time and throughout the establishment of our patriarchal system.  Nonetheless, the time has come for women to become conscious of the sacred feminine and integrate the Divine Mother into their consciousness fully.

During the time of women’s monthly menses, her body produces DMT; Dimethyltryptamine, a compound that produces an expanded state of awareness.  This DMT is found in the menstrual blood, which is an indication of the expanded consciousness that is inherent in the state of our menses every month.  Women’s bodies are designed to experience these expanded levels of awareness every month, during her cycle, enabling her to reach the expanded levels of consciousness of the unified field.  DMT, also dubbed the spirit molecule, is has been used in shamanic rituals as a brew made from specific plants, used for divinatory and healing purposes.

Many cultures, post-matriarchal societies, have used hallucinogenic herbs to reach the same states that are produced in women’s bodies naturally.  Women release this hormone from the pineal gland during her monthly menses, which allows this time of the menses to be sacred and powerful.   This is the time when she is closest to Divine Mother.   As her consciousness innately expands in this sacred time, she is able to deeply purify herself and her family, through her heart and receive divinely inspired messages from Divine Mother.

Her cycles are a time of death and rebirth that happens monthly.  This death and rebirth happens at every level being a cleansing of old ideas, old patterns and a time to clear out the negativity of old conditioning. It is a time to dive into the deep altered states of the Divine and surrender all that is not useful, allowing it to be washed away and healed.  This is a time of deep purification, innately designed.

During the second half of a women’s cycle after the death of her old conditioning, comes a rebirth of all new possibilities.  The rebirth is a time of receiving new ideas, inspirations and messages from Divine Mother, through her heart connection.  Throughout this time of expanded consciousness, women can easily communicate with the Divine consciousness and receive those messages that not only help her evolve spiritually, but also help her families and loved ones.  It is an opportunity each month for divine guidance and evolution.

This sacred time of women’s menses has been observed and respected throughout ancient cultures and many secrets are not known to the modern women.  Women generally feel disconnected to their own bodies and disconnected to these deeper truths.  Many experience their cycle as something to tolerate, altering it with hormones for convenience, or having it disappear altogether.   Many others have severe pain and discomfort, resulting in many gynecological disorders that further assault the body with invasive treatments.   It is important for women’s own healing and health to observe these cycles and return to the honoring of her body and what these cycles mean, in order to restore harmony to her health in her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

In ancient cultures, women use to isolate themselves and go into seclusion during their menses in order to experience these powerful states of expanded consciousness and healing.  These retreats allowed space for the clearing of negativity and the receiving of divinatory messages during her monthly cycle of death and rebirth.    It is women’s disconnection with her innate power that continues to contribute to her imbalances within herself and the planet.  Allowing herself time for reflection, meditation, and heart connection with Divine Mother can begin her healing process of the feminine soul.  This is the time of month, where she can return to be with herself and less with the world.  She can observe this time by being gentle with herself, by taking baths, being nurturing and nourishing her spirit.  This begins the process of honoring the sacredness of her body and all the mysteries that it contains.

Becoming conscious of her sacred truth and deep connection with Divine Mother, is the journey to wholeness; a state of healing and health.  In this honoring, women become aware of the blessings that have been given in their bodies, the true aspects of their subtle bodies, including the Divine light that is within each one of them.    As women become conscious of these connections with her cycles and sacredness, she begins the true honoring of the Feminine.

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Chen

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