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Presence for Mental Peace

Presence for Mental Peace

Presence for Mental Peace


Many people are constantly complaining of how much their thoughts are agitating them daily and causing an excessive amount of stress.  Excessive thinking and thoughts that seem to run constantly through your mind can be not only physically exhausting, but can actually affect your health and reproductive health as well.
Presence Meditation
It is possible to create space between your thoughts and yourself, and having some breathing room with the practice of presence through a simple meditative process. When we allow our bodies to relax and turn our focus inward, we discover a whole new place that exists; void of thoughts, emotions and sensations.  Even though we may have to transverse this field of thoughts, emotions and sensations to get there, it is possible to get there.  You may turn towards this place of consciousness within yourself at any time and find the True inner peace, love and source that exists. This is the place that all meditations point to and the state of consciousness where healing takes place.
How to stop your thoughts
The next obvious question is usually how do I stop my thoughts? It is always a process, so be willing to practice daily and watch your self improve slowly.  One technique that can be used is: BAOP 
Breathing, Awareness, Observer, Presence.
1. Breathing:Sit quietly, breathe deeply and begin to observe your breathing.
2: Awareness: Become aware of all sensorial experience in the body that are arising; emotions, thoughts, physical sensations.
3. Observer: Become the observer and realize the space between you and all these observations, including your thoughts.
4. Presence: Continue to observe The space that you start to feel in this stillness is Presence; Consciousness and source.  This is the place of peace, love, emptiness, etc.  that all spiritual paths point to.  When you are in this space you are in Presence and not in your thoughts, there are no thoughts in this space, and occasionally you may observe some and still continue to be in this space. Practice 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes everyday and you will notice a considerable shift in your body, mind and health.

Guided Meditation to get started

And here is a wonderful guided meditation that you can do to connect with your own beautiful Light. Light Meditation.

Remember Saturday mornings we will be having our Women’s Circle and practicing Presence in our meditations… Come join as @ 8:30am.


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