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Self Care: Keys to Health and Joy

Self Care: Keys to Health and Joy




We live in a world that is very fast, with high demands.  Many times we feel we don’t have time for ourselves. These fast pace external pressures cause stress in our lives which then converts into physical and mental imbalances, diseases and disorders.  Studies have shown stressors in our lives cause up to 80%of diseases.


That’s why it is important to stop the cycle of not enough time by balancing your life with a little time for yourself. You cannot give from your heart if there is nothing to give from. A few minutes a day can help you to cultivate health and well being in your own heart and in your body.It is important for you to distress yourself and stop engaging in your own rat race deterioration.  Doing more is not the answer. Turning inward for self care for your body and soul will do wonders on how you feel and the quality of your health.Nourishing Women Elements Wellness Sets-tools for self care while you are on the go Click here. 

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