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Quantum Approach to Breast Cancer

Quantum Approach to Breast Cancer


Quantum Approach to Breast Cancer

Quantum Integrative Medicine: A New Standard of Care for Women

Quantum Medicine is a field of medicine that has developed from the scientific foundation of Quantum physics; recognizing that the human body is controlled and affected by the human energy system, and therefore giving full acknowledgement in the inclusion of alternative medicines that address the energetic aspects called vital energy when dealing with disease and prevention.  In other words, Quantum medicine shows the interconnectedness and importance of emotions, mental images, perceptions, and beliefs; how they interact in our consciousness and affect our physical body’s health.



An example of a Quantum physics precept is the discovery by Rupert Sheldrake’s, of the Morphogenetic fields (1981), which recognizes an energetic field, which dictates the process of cell differentiation.  In other words, all cells come from the same exact DNA material, yet they become distinguished as a liver cell, a blood cell, or in some other capacity.  What is it that is dictating their particular differentiation if they are all from the same physical origin?  Sheldrake proved the existence of this morphogenetic field, acting as the blueprint, which communicates with our physical body through the field of consciousness.   Furthermore, Quantum medicine recognized that this energy field of consciousness also consists of our subtle bodies of emotions, mental thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, which all influence and may even block reception of the perfected blueprint of our physical body, from the morphogenetic field.   Thus, with this discovery, Quantum science is able to explain the interactions and impact this field of Vital energies has upon the physical aspect of the material body.  It recognizes that the emotional, mental & supra mental fields; all play a role in our state of physical health.



While it is important to recognize the physical component of our cells, physical structure and material aspect of disease, Quantum Medicine serves as a bridge to Alternative Medicine, supporting the validity and existence of the Vital Energetic field. Through the precepts and science of Quantum physics we can bring into the global medical view the marriage of Vital energy ( Vitalism) and the conventional allopathic view of Materialism to have a complete system of Medicine that acknowledge both as existing and interacting together.  Quantum Medicine therefore supports the incorporation of traditional energy medicines such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as homeopathy, and other types of vital energy medicine. Unlike materialism theory of allopathic medicine, it doesn’t exclude, but rather include Vitalism (vital energy theory) working together with materialism in forming the quality of health within our physical bodies.



Prevention of Breast Cancer; Creating Breast Health Quantum Approach

Through the lens of Quantum Medicine, specifically concerning the prevention of Breast Cancer; creating breast health – it is important to educate women on the fact that there is of course a material reality, which needs to be addressed; the world of physical phenomenon of cells, genes, and material aspect of disease, but disease is not solely a physical phenomenon.  There is also the world of Vital Energy; that affects the formation of the physical body, through the aspect of the morphogenetic field.   This world of Vital Energy, as described in many traditional medicines consists of the emotional field, mental meaning, unconscious beliefs and perceptions, and other aspects of consciousness.  All of these fields are constantly affecting the formation of our physical body.



It is crucial to inform women that emotions and mental meaning & perceptions, as well as unconscious beliefs all affect our blueprint of how our cells develop.  By unveiling this world of energetics, we can empower women to take care of their health overall, and be responsible for their complete being, rather than feeling completely hopeless and dependent on the fate of their cells.


Quantum Approach to Breast Cancer prevention & Breast Health talk consists of the foundations of Quantum Integrative Medicine, discussed briefly above, as well as the discussion of the morphogenetic field, glands & vital energy in the heart and chest area in relation to our breast, our nurturing and the emotions of love, how we may give and receive love.  Included in the talk is an experiential conscious meditation to allow women to experience their energetic bodies, and serve as tool in their healing, preventative process.  Of course we will also cover facts of Thermography and the importance of this technology in creating breast health.



 Here are some useful Statistics

There is currently over a million undetected cases currently in the US.

290,000 cases every year in the US for Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death in the US for women ages 35 to 54. Heart disease is #1. With Thermography you can safely monitor your heart. With early detection you can prolong your life.

Thermography for breast cancer detection is 97% sensitive or accurate (see attachment). Mammography is only 83.3% accurate. It’s has ionizing radiation and compression. Radiation causes cancer and compression can spread cancer if you have it. 80% of biopsies resulting from a positive mammo are negative. 20% are false negatives!

10% of all cancers affect women under 40.

15 Billion spent on Breast Cancer research per year and the numbers are not improving.

80% of breast cancer patients have no family history.

15% – 25% of breast cancer cases are over diagnosed (women are unnecessarily having lumpectomies and mastectomies)

Leonor Murciano-, PhD, IMD, AP.

If you would like to experience a new reality of your True self and explore your healing possibilities either through private sessions, long-distance skype, workshops, classes or on line programs please contact me; Dr. Leonor N. Murciano at [email protected]

Dr. Leonor Murciano OCT2014

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