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Quantum Integrative Medicine Defined

Quantum Integrative Medicine Defined

Quantum Medicine: What it is

Quantum Medicine is the field of medicine established by the principles of Quantum physics. It is the bridge between the old paradigm of material allopathic conventional medicine and all the traditional energy medicines of the world.  It and understanding to the functioning of these traditional energetic medicines and allowed us to integrate them into modern medicinal practices.  We no longer can deny the existence of the energetic world of consciousness in its interplay with our material world, and our physical world, as we know it. Through the principles of Quantum physics of Non-locality, Entangled Hierarchy and Discontinuity, we can scientifically acknowledge that all life is not just a physical phenomenon, but rather an interplay between physical matter and non-physical matter.  We can recognize the existence of the unified field of consciousness/god essence and the interplay of energy in choosing our own realities and creating our health, as well as having the field of unified consciousness participating in our creative process of healing.



One of the most important acknowledgments of Quantum medicine is that our consciousness plays an active role in the creation of our physical material body through the morphogenetic field (Sheldrake 1981) and it recognizes that our body is not completely explainable in terms of solely material biology.   It substantiates the knowledge that the ground for all being is Consciousness.  Thus, while it is important to acknowledge the physical material components of disease; cells, genes and structures; it is equally important to look at the underlining field of consciousness and vital energy that is influencing the signals for physical manifestation.



Therefore, what we think… our beliefs… our feelings… the mental, emotional and soul images we have unconsciously identified with throughout our life are all imprinted in these fields of consciousness and directly affect the morphogenetic (blueprint) of our physical body.


The Field of Consciousness; Subtle Energy Bodies

Quantum medicine identifies several subtle energy bodies that affect the physical manifestation of body’s health states. These are the emotional body, mental body and supramental body (soul), as well as the mass consciousness and the unified field of consciousness (divine aspect).


As stated above the unconscious thoughts, beliefs, feelings and identifications we have created through time, create blockages to our vital energy, affecting the frequencies.  These blockages are most often in the Chakras (Vedic system of vital energy centers), in our meridians & channels (Chinese medicine system) and affect the blueprint for the harmonious functioning and creation of health.  For example, unconscious grief or pain over loss can manifest blockage of energy and result in a physical manifestation of energy in the heart chakra, disrupting the physical functioning in the body, resulting in a disease state of lung disorders or breast cancer.  Many times feelings of unconscious feelings of powerlessness reflect in the lower chakras contributing to imbalances in vital energetic flow in the kidney meridians… leading to gynecological disorders or infertility.


While exploring the unconscious subtle energetic fields; emotional, mental and supramental (soul) field, we are able to address and bring to consciousness/light /love these denser energies, allowing them to transform and transcend.  This is where the Unified field, which is what we refer to as divine energy or God, comes in… and allows everything to vibrate at the highest frequency of Love/Light/Consciousness/ Divine essence possible.  Therefore, allowing a creative activation of the harmonious blueprint of the body to manifest in the affected area.  This is how healing occurs in these subtle energetic levels of consciousness.


Soma Presencing

Using supportive understanding of Quantum Physics, we begin to have a clearer view on all aspects of consciousness that are addressed in a Soma Presencing that affect the constant creation of our physical material body.


Soma Presencing™ is a process of healing our subtle energetic bodies; emotional, mental and soul through the divine portal center of the Heart, which then reflects in the representation of health and healing on the physical level.  Through a conscious meditation process, we explore these unconscious subtle bodies of feelings, mental meaning, beliefs & old paradigms that are operating in our vital energy bodies of chakras, meridians and the portal of our heart.  As we bring conscious awareness/light to these shadow places they are given the space to transform.


In a Soma Presencing™, these subtle fields are accessible through the heart, and brought into the light of consciousness into a higher frequency of Love.  When we experience disease, disorders or any physical imbalance we can explore these aspects of our consciousness and return these shadow places of unconscious grief, anger, disappointment etc., into the Love, allowing for transformation to take place.


Soma Presencing™ can be used to address any physical condition in the body, whether you it is chronic, or acute, whether it is turned into an advanced level of disease or just a symptom of insomnia or headaches.  All disorders manifesting in the material level of our physical body, has an energetic component to it.  Many times we also address the physical components of cells, genes, and organs by giving it immediate attention of medicinal recommendations, nutritional needs and/or further allopathic/conventional recommendations.  Soma Presencing is not a substitute for the physical material components of disease; it is a modality to look at the underlining subtleties of the disorders in our body.


Soma Presencing™ can be also be used for life threatening disorders, physical health challenges; past traumas; fears, phobias that may result in Infertility, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Immune-Disorders, Emotional imbalances and others.


Right in your home:

Soma Presencing™ can be done over the phone because consciousness works through the unified field of connectedness, and there is no separation in the world of energy.   Separation is only visible to the material world, therefore a Soma Presencing™can be done quite comfortably right from your home.

In the Office:

Soma Presencing™ are usually combined with can received by itself as a healing tool or combined with other treatment modalities, such as Integrative acupuncture, to enhance the physical effects of the healing process.


Conscious Meditation

Conscious Meditation is a process in which awareness and consciousness is created as we meditate on the Divine Feminine Secret through the essence of our Heart.    Through our Hearts we are able to travel into our subtle bodies, and receive the Divine Light into these aspects of our being.

Through Conscious Meditation™ we are able to uncover the unconscious conditioning, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and images that we have mistakenly identified with who we are.  These veils and pictures, as they are called in Sufism, are cleared and transformed as we consciously bring in the unified field of Love/Divine /Light. Moving through these limiting aspects of our conditioning allows us to confront our shadow side and heal from the suffering they have created.  It allows us to create the space for Divine consciousness to be anchored within us, transmuting and transcending any shadow in its way.


With Conscious Meditation™ we incorporate Sufi Healing Transmission and Qualities to open our Hearts to this unified field of consciousness/light allowing transformation of the blockages, opening up more space for the higher frequencies of light/qualities to come in such as unconditional love, peace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, fulfillment, abundance, security, etc.  This transformation of embracing our darkness within is essential aspect of embodying our fullest potential of Light.  It is the journey of physical healing as well as living our fullest expression of who we truly are as a Light spirit in a physical body.


Sufi Light Transmission

The Sufi Light Transmission is a light that is transmitted through the recitation of Sufi prayers and intention.  The Sufi Path is a path of unity and love. It is a spiritual path that carries the Prophetic light of the all the prophets, embracing the message of peace, love, mercy, justice, freedom and beauty.  The Sufi Path of Love has been very well recognized in the West through the famous beautiful poems of the 13th century Rumi (Jalal Al Din), which wrote explicitly about this accessible state of Divine Love.

Sufi Light Transmissions are usually about 5-10 minutes long and are usually combined with other modalities such as Integrative Acupuncture & Conscious Meditation as a supplemental way of opening the heart and receiving the Divine Light.


Dr. Leonor Murciano, PhD, IMD, AP














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