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Time For A Change in Women’s Medicine

Time For A Change in Women’s Medicine

Time For A Change in Women’s Medicine


For the past 17 years I have been utterly blessed by the work that I do, by the people that I have met, and by the lives that I have been fortunate enough to touch. But now I have to ask for your help. Will you vote for me to change women’s health?

 Every day I witness women experiencing higher levels of diseases and disorders that are directly correlated to their gender.  Infertility, for example, is plaguing 10% of the population here in the US, while breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women between ages 35-54.  Women’s cycles are a major complaint around the world, with 86% of women actually experiencing pain around the menses with little or no help from conventional medicine; unless you trade it in for a prescription of hormones that potentially increase the occurrence of cancer.  Furthermore, endometriosis, the most common gynecological disorder affects 5.5 million women a year, here in the U.S.   And I get to make a difference.

We would all agree that conventional medicine, focused on just the material aspect of the body, does not have the tools to heal most of these disorders. That’s where I come in…I am the Founder of Nourishing Women. I have been involved with Alternative & Wholistic medicine for over 17 years and have seen women that have been told they just have to live with their pain, or that there was no real chances of them ever conceiving a child. They have been stripped of the one thing they desperately need, hope.  Yet through the work that I, and hundreds of us in the field are privileged to do every day; women are healing!  Women are restoring their hormones, their periods, and even their ability to conceive.  Through this work, women have been given hope again.

Nourishing Women doesn’t only practice Acupuncture, Quantum medicine and nutritional wellness, those are the tools we use. Our focus is to share understanding and awareness that our bodies are a reflection of a much bigger aspect of ourselves.  Our physical bodies respond to our thoughts, our emotions and our beliefs. Once women start to understand that they carry the power to heal themselves within their being, they begin to move from being a hopeless victim of their disease/disorder, to becoming empowered and making healing choices.

My mission is to continue to expand our work. The goal is to reach every woman, every teenager and every adolescent out there, so that every woman knows that their body is not a burden, isn’t something they have to fight, or live in pain with, or be defeated by… it is something to honor, to have a loving relationship with, to delicately nurture and nourish.  It is a miracle of amazing beauty and it contains the power within to heal!


pleasevoteoctIt is time for a new paradigm shift and a new standard of Women’s Healthcare, which can serve to empower women and dismiss the limiting thoughts that have plagued women’s culture for thousands of years.  Please vote for me, founder of Nourishing Women in our attempt to receive a grant to further education for every woman & teenager… to change the culture of every woman’s relationship with herself & her body!  We need your votes to make this a success, will you please support us?

If you would like to experience a new reality of your True self and explore your healing possibilities either through private sessions, long-distance skype, workshops, classes or on line programs please contact us at:  [email protected] or [email protected]


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