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Today is MOTHER’s day… a time to honor the MOTHER. For many years I hadn’t written much around mothers day, because the truth is I know how it brings up pain in many of the patients I work with. Whether it’s struggles with conception, or whether it brings sad memories of those you have lost, I too have lost my dear mother long time ago and understand the pain.  But I also realized that the aspect of mothering is so much greater than our personal pain and that it actually perpetuates the suffering by inadvertently rejecting it within our lives. So, this year I dare to post a HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all, because I really want us to expand our perspective of MOTHERING… and honor the MOTHER within us all collectively. You see in order to change the collective story of the Feminine, we need to alter our perception… and not allow our pain of the past to limit us. And if we stop celebrating the MOTHER personally and collectively, we do just that.


Therefore, I would like to invite you to take a moment to actually honor the MOTHER within us all; the aspect of great consciousness that nurtures us, nourishes us, loves us unconditionally and creates through us. Regardless of our pain around MOTHERS’ day… it is important to honor this within us and within our world. Know that we all carry the MOTHER aspect within us… that which allows us to care for others… to have compassion, mercy, nourish and sustain the creation we see. As we honor that aspect of the Feminine, we honor the MOTHER, collectively within our world… and personally within ourselves. By doing this, you open yourself up to transmitting the much-needed qualities of compassion, gentleness and caring directly from the infinite abundance of light from your soul, and contribute to a more loving world. And ironically this may be the actual MEDICINE that your heart has needed all along.


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all … personally and collectively!

Dr. Leonor Murciano 05/08/16

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