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Think You Have Low Self Esteem? Think Again!

Think You Have Low Self Esteem? Think Again!

Think You Have Low Self Esteem? Think Again! 

It is easy for many of us to mistaken our daily shortcomings with our self worth.  Sometimes, it is difficult to admit that we made a mistake because it feels entangled in such shame and heavy emotions.  And yet it is obvious that we are all making mistakes on a daily basis, it is part of our humanity, being human.  We see it in our daily actions, thoughts and feelings that lack the ideal love and compassion we want to uphold.


It is important to understand that at our core we are whole and that our essence is sacred perfection and yet in our humanity; our way of thinking, feeling, and acting, we may not be reflecting that wholeness and sacred reality at all times.  


Both realities are true and it is the process of honoring both of these within, that allows us to transform and uphold that greater ideal.


But what ends up happening to most of us, is that we don’t have a sense of our sacred natures and we experience ourselves as just the mistake, or as one with low self-esteem. In truth we’ve had very few role models that upheld this sacred reality for us and it’s not something our culture validates in our daily lives. Fueled with the fact that we as women, essentially have felt unworthy and been conditioned as being the lesser of the sexes for generations, anchors this erroneous perception of ourselves even deeper.


What in turn happens is we resist taking personal responsibility, to our own detriment.  We end up unconsciously judging, blaming, expecting, and allowing these limiting perceptions to dictate our happiness or lack of and feel stuck in this paradigm of ‘ feeling wrong’.


How do we evolve ourselves from this entanglement? First, we realize that we are not victims of our culture.  We can be, if we choose to be, but then again that would be a choice and you still wouldn’t be a victim. Why do I say we are not victims? Because even when something happens to us, we have the ability to choose how we feel in that situation, and there are many realities happening at the same time.


Secondly, if we are not victims, we can start honoring our sacred true nature of ESSENCE. Now that you know about this truth within yourself, you can take self-responsibility and start making choices that align with this truth. No longer do we have to fear feeling shameful or weak, because we make mistakes; we know that our core self is divine.


Honoring our sacred nature and aligning with our real self worth is key in taking self-responsibility.   After all, we all know we are not our emotions, thoughts, nor actions; even though it is a representation of ourselves.  Then, from a solid place of knowing your true divine light, you can take inventory and see what isn’t aligned with that. What could we have said differently? How do we want to shine our light? How do we want to be that compassion in our lives?


Taking self-responsibility then becomes a joy, because we feel empowered within, we know we have the ability to be that which we expect from others.  Transforming ourselves becomes a simpler process of honesty rather than self shaming, and we no longer have to disgrace ourselves for not doing it right in the first place.


Taking responsibility for ourselves is about facing our own limitations in our thinking, feeling, beliefs and actions; thus allowing these limited perceptions within ourselves to evolve.  In this way, we become empowered with our true sacred nature of love, compassion, safety, beauty, strength, etc…, becoming truly that which we seek.


While we are all divine sacred beings, we are expressing from much of our conditioned self; which is in constant flux and purification. It is the process of honoring our sacred wholeness and taking daily responsibility for self, which allows us all to evolve into a higher level of consciousness and experience the true divine nature that we are. Realizing that all along, we really haven’t had low self esteem, we have just had an erroneous perception of who we truly are! 


Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano


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