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The Stories that Keep us in Stuck.

The Stories that Keep us in Stuck.

The past does not exist… really! It only exists in your mind… and in the memories and its effects they create upon your body.    I had a patient tell me that she had to go home yesterday and throw away the old small size jeans that was motivating her to lose weight to pre-pregnancy weight because she realized that although it kept her striving to lose weight, it was at the expense of her self esteem.  Inherent in the motivation of ‘having to fit into this particular size of jeans’ was the underlining ugly conditioned pattern most women carry of ‘not good enough’ unless they look a particular way… which of course is basically minimizing your worth to what your body looks like.


Now, I know all of us know on one level or another, that we are much more than what we look like… but why is it so difficult to truly act from that place?  To go about your day without worrying or reminding yourself of what size you should be… or whether you look as good, or going about your day without this deep sense of shame that we don’t even recognize. Well, it’s simple really. The reason is that, we are still carrying around 5,000 years of suppression and repression of our survival as women. And in the name of our survival we have lived with fear and repression overshadowing ourselves… causing deep-seated self-hatred, shame and doubt in of our feminine bodies.


So, my patient finally got fed up and realized that her mind, along with this visual representation of her jeans, were determining her worth.  And in an impulse of courage, she finally said NO MORE and threw away her old tiny jeans.  In reality, what she really did was tell her mind that she wasn’t going to buy into this 5,000 year old shaming pattern of ‘not being good enough’. She took control of her mind and stopped playing victim to the old patterns passed on from the women in our families, in our culture… and took control back.


And so what I want to point out in this profound realization my patient had, is that our minds will say what they say, and most of the time it is from our conditioning.   The pain and suffering that we feel from past experiences is in our minds, because the past ONLY exists in our mind.  And we have choices – we can buy into what our minds are saying… the judgment… the criticism… the helplessness… or we can say ‘I hear you and yet this is NOT my TRUTH.   It is simply what my mind is saying… from my past-learned experiences and conditioning.’  With my patients, I practice a three step process based on the principles of what I call Conscious Feminine Medicine, which is PRESENCE, TRANSFORMATION & EMBODIMENT, which gives space and transforms our shadow body of pain and suffering. But while we are dissolving all that has been accumulated for generations and generations, we still have power over our minds and what we think right now!


The fact that we didn’t feel loved enough… or that we thought we had to look like something other than what we are in order to be loved… are just the stories our minds made up in the past, based on our survival. You don’t have to believe it anymore, in creating awareness you empower yourself to choose what is real for you.


That’s how you get rid of the past… you see beyond it.  You awaken to the reality that you are this amazing consciousness… connected to all of consciousness; you are living… thinking… expressing consciousness in this physical body.  Your thoughts are just aspects of the past, it not who you are, its a limited expression of the past… of the consciousness that you were in at that time that you created the thoughts.


When you start to recognize that your thoughts are the cause of your suffering, then a whole new world opens up… and you also realize that you are not a victim of your past necessarily… you have a choice.  The only way the past can hurt you is if you keep it alive in your MIND.   Practice saying NO to the past thoughts of degradation that has created the suffering in your heart… and many times manifests as disease and disorders in your body. 


Say YES to the presence within your body… the container of conscious presence that you are. Within this presence… you choose what thoughts you want to believe… and which thoughts you recognize as just old patterns of the past that you wish not to believe anymore, because now you are awakened to the TRUTH and you know the difference!


Love & Light

Dr. Leonor Murciano




Dr. Murciano is the founder of Nourishing Women, author of Feminine Wisdom; Rise of a New Creation, and creator of Conscious Feminine Medicine- helping women change the collective story of the Feminine, weaving Feminine Spirituality with Medicine.

If you are a WOMAN and would like to explore healing of body & soul, we invite you to a 30-minute complimentary online consultation with Dr. Leonor Murciano at 954.450.4548  

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