3 Life Changing Truths I learned from my Near Death Experience - Nourishing Women
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3 Life Changing Truths I learned from my Near Death Experience

3 Life Changing Truths I learned from my Near Death Experience

Along the way of, what I call my life, I made a decision not to hide anymore and to honor the parts of me that were different… unique, even if I couldn’t see that modeled in anyone else out there in the world.  And in doing so,  I created a space to accept the wisdom of my near death experience at the age of 6.


I have learned with all my Heart that there is a new Feminine Energy arising in all of us…  a new reality being born through each and everyone of us.  Acknowledging our individual Truths while we acknowledge all others viewpoints in our Unified Heart space is the key to opening up to this new creation on our planet.


As I continue to LISTEN to the TRUEST Expression of Consciousness within me… I feel a distant part of me, witnessing my decisions moment to moment,  gauging how safe it feels to express or not express my Truth in any given situation. And yet I am also gently reminded of the responsibility we each have to break through the constrictions and express ourselves and our voice, as well as to the creation of something new in our world.


I want to speak my Truth… and support a platform where women break all the barriers of fear that have quelled the full expression of beauty, struggle, joy, grief, radiance, wildness, rawness, unpredictability and mystery of our Being.

Below is a video I created a few months ago… which has led me to the work I do,  born from the wisdom of my Near Death Experience at age 6.

I hope it brings you inspiration to believe in yourself and awaken to the Feminine evolution in your soul!


3 Life Changing Truths I learned in my Near Death Experience


Leonor Murciano-Luna

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