The Call of the Mother - Nourishing Women
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The Call of the Mother

The Call of the Mother

I am the Keeper of the Flame, she says. 

The Great Mother is calling me.

Come my child…

Let me teach you about the MOON.

She lives within you,

Come onto the Dark of the Night.

Here you will see Her,

Where She is waiting for you.

Come now, there is no waiting… the time is NOW.

NOW is the crossing into the depths of Her mystery.

I am being called…

 into Her world…

into Her reality…

into Her Truth… 

into the depths of that which has been hidden, 

for they know not what they do.

Come in the Dark of the Night,

Being led by Her, to show you the way.

For She is your teacher now,

For you have been initiated into the Dark…

Into the womb of the World.

Leonor Murciano-Luna

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